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Remembering the path

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Remembering the path




The daily hustle puts the focus on today, tomorrow, and the yet-to-be. While dreaming and envisioning the future of our non-native Arabic-speaking community is an exciting and fruitful endeavor, every once in a while (precisely so before a launch), when the event marketing and finding ideal clients get to you, God sends you reminders.

Through well-wishers, friends, and dear family members.

The 99th blow doesn’t bend the steel, it is the 98 steps right before the 99th one, that brought it this far.

Now, as I work with an amazing team of motivated and value-driven individuals, who promote the love of Arabic as a lifestyle, I am reminded of how it began for me. A blog. There wasn’t a whole lot I could do as an individual. There is still not a whole lot I can do as an individual. We start where we can, a free WordPress blog.

As I work on the backend of my current WordPress website, I am reminded of how my work with Arabically has also moved from being a blog towards back end support, giving teachers and tutors opportunities to reach out, to let people who are good at what they do, take the lead.


It is empowering yet frightening, to be just and mindful. 

For those of you who are working on something, and you feel it is too small, slow, or insignificant. Take a moment today and look back 2, 3, or 5 yrs back. Look at old pictures and old emails. Immerse in those moments, then reflect, then applaud and say a small prayer of thankfulness to celebrate how far you have come along. 

Let today be a celebration of your journey. Of being consistent and of moving on! Alhamdulilah













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