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ARABICALLY is an educational platform to celebrate and promote Arabic Literacy among children through art and literature. It revolutionizes how non-native speakers of Arabic approach the language, especially in the gulf region. Arabically addresses the contemporary challenges faced by Arabic learners’ overall attitude and motivation towards the Arabic Language.


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Sensory Activities with Arabic Storybooks

1. Make that connection Reading books to babies or toddlers has a great impact on neural connections and the development of new brain cells. Start reading books to your babies as early as 0 months. Practical tip: Always have a […]

Learning Arabic Through Play!

Blog by: Umm Ar Rihan The most powerful thing in our journey of raising our children is playing and having fun with them. This way we’re not only spending time together as a happy family, making memories, but are also […]

Book Review: Short Stories in Arabic for Intermediate Learners

Author: Olly Richards Review by: Juwairiyah Shah  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book (Short Stories in Arabic for Intermediate Learners) as it precisely catered to my goal of improving my Arabic language abilities. It consisted of a collection of short […]

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Exploring Arabic combining elements of art, nature and science. Our activities engage the heart and mind to ensure experiential learning.

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Frequently Asked

Is this platform only for non-native Arabic learners?

Our programs specialize in addressing the needs of learning Arabic as a second/third language. Whether you are heritage speaker or non-native learner, our events are open to all.

My child can barely identify letters, should I wait till they are at a higher level to join Arabically Programs?

We are here to help you envision beyond the basic letter and word stage! We need a community of parents and children who are learning from real life scenarios and child friendly themes like space, human body and animals.

Do you provide one-on- one tutoring services for learning Arabic?

We have been asked this several times and are considering the request. However, we can recommend places online that offer tutoring and are doing a great job! We want to offer a community space for interaction and improving presentational skills in Arabic.

Do you have live events throughout the year?

We try to alternate between live sessions for children with live webinars/workshops for parents. You can check out the events page for more information.

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