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Beginner 2


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When reading is presented as a duty or subject, it loses its charm. Knowing how to join Arabic words and make sentences is not enough for early readers. They need repetition and the ability to challenge what they read.

“My child doesn’t understand what he reads, this discourages him, says Leema!”

This Beginner 2 – early reading series will give your child the momentum they need to read while absorbing the humor and storyline. Have you come across a program like this before? Reserve space soon.

Event Day: Biweekly (Sundays and Tuesdays)
Event Time: 9am EST/5pm UAE
Event Address: Zoom Meeting
Ages = 6+yrs

Skill set: Most children in this class know how to identify and join Arabic letters. They are comfortable joining letters to make a word in Arabic. If your child is reading single words, this level is right for your child. Our focus however is on speaking and presenting the story.

Spots available: 3

2 reviews for Beginner 2

  1. Umm Abdullah

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!!
    We loved the arabic sessions .. the teacher has been so loving and patient with the kids … it was really inspiring to read, learn and develop Arabic vocabulary by even just Listening to her !
    She dealt with the kids with lOve and care…tending to their level and pushing them upwards !!
    The design of the program was very good, simple and yet innovative. There were mini challenges during the sessions … getting the kids to think and speak on their own..

    All in all..we loved teacher Zahra and the arabically program. Gave us the confidence that arabic is not that difficult, but with tactful activities and programs…we can definitely pull it off in shaa Allah.
    Also being amongst good arabic speakers will take us a long way in learning this blessed language in shaa Allah.

    Jazakillah khair to team Arabically!!

  2. Yusra

    The motivation and enCouragMent offered by the loving teachers was the driving force For yusra’s interest in the program. Very simple Yet extremely engaging, the program is designed to Build an interest in the languAge Without it seeming overly Complicating to the child. Highly recomMended!

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