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Beginner 1


This summer early reader series is designed for children who have just learned their Arabic letters and are starting to join letters to make words. What if we tell you, they can read an entire book series with that simple skill. Together, the children will read the adventures of Rani and Bani, through these brightly illustrated Arabic short stories.

“But my child is 4, says Sarah! She is nowhere close to being able to read storybooks”

Event Day: Twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays)
Event Time: 11:30 am EST/ 8:30 am Pacific
Event Address: Zoom Meeting
Ages = 4+yrs

Skillset: Most children in this class can identify the basic Arabic letters from ALIF TO YAA. They are starting to join 2 letters or are slightly adventurous and want to do more. This beginner class takes them through 28 storybooks within the Arabic Language, exploring more words and stories related to a particular letter in each class. Parent involvement post-class is necessary to help the child practice from the online storybook.

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