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Determine your productivity: Through logic

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Determine your productivity: Through logic

Whether you loved or despised algebra growing up, there is one equation that you will not forget. It is placed in your long-term memory once and forever. Remember the dear old:

Y = MX + C

Y = Let us take Y to be the perfect blissful productive day

X= The variable which keeps changing (Which would include our motivational levels, family, children, work load etc.)

M= Is the slope. That one factor which nobody really understood but existed nevertheless.

C= The constant factor. Which includes you, wherein you try to include a constant schedule, a constant routine and a constant will power. (You are probably finding this equation way too complicated.)

While working towards an ideal productive morning schedule, we mess up the value we denote to each variable. Under value, overvalue, apply regression, progression and whatever  else you remember from your grade 9 algebra class. For instance, while planning a productive morning, which involves reading 3 blog posts and writing one, we tend to place it under a to do list. In other words, it must be done. Fixed. Determined. Constant. C

Logic dictates, our variable factors (X) according to the equation should add up to give the required results. Of feeling productive. Yet, the magical factor M, rarely if it all works in our favour. Quite likely against us and our addition by declaring itself negative. If you have not followed so far, read again! 🙂

Result being: Not a very productive day

Despite setting constants for ourselves and being aware of the varying factors, it could not get us far.

So, what is this overwhelming M, that can break or make your day. In quite its mathematical sense, it is your inclination. Your slope.

Each one has their own level of inclination. My goals and factors might not be largely divergent from yours, yet the value of our M will vary by folds. It can derail or align your equation towards whatever it is that you are trying to achieve.

Hence, by aligning our efforts, goals and schedules towards our factor M, we will be able to easily gravitate towards positivism and thereby productivity.

You thought algebra had nothing to do we your real life. Think again 🙂

– Umm Haroun

Do let us know your thoughts on logically determining a productive schedule. Have you determined your slope yet?

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