Winter Early Reader Series

Do you want to enrol your child in our Arabic Reading Program this winter 2021?

Be a part of our winter series and step into reading Arabic storybooks. Spots are limited for each level, so make sure you sign up once registrations open up. Join our waiting list by clicking the link below.


Beginner 1/ Rani Bani Series
Price: 99$ USD for 8 sessions
Time: 4pm – 4:40 pm (UAE time)
Days: Every Sunday and Tuesday (Biweekly)
Skillset: Most children in this class are completing the Qaidah or have just completed it.
Beginner 2/ Kalimat Book Series
Price:109$ USD for 5 sessions
Time: 10 am- 11am (UAE time)
Days: Every Sunday (Once a week)
Skill set: Most children in this class have completed the Qaidah and are comfortable reading basic 2/3 word sentences in Arabic. If your child is reading the Quran, this level is right for your child. Our focus however is speaking and presenting the story.
Intermediate 1/ Emerging Reader Storybooks
Price: 109$ USD for 5 sessions
Time: 3 – 4pm (UAE time)
Days: Every Friday (Friday mornings)
Skillset: Most children in this group are 8+ years and can read 2/3 sentences easily. They can read basic storybooks in Arabic too. We help them talk about the story by teaching them basic skills of narration and also give them tasks to build vocabulary.


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Oct 31 2021


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